Therapy Process

Therapy is a process and cannot be forced or hurried for a child.  Each child will develop these new skills at their own pace and definite time frames cannot be placed on the therapy duration.  Therapy is usually arranged in 8 session blocks, during which progress is assessed. A decision will then be made jointly, as to whether a child would benefit from more therapy sessions. The last 10 mins of the session are reserved for setting homework, booking the next appointment and for payment processing.

Therapy sessions cannot be given in isolation and carry over of the learned skill will be encouraged through regular homework assignments and practise of skills taught during each session.  Regular correspondence/ consultations may be scheduled between the therapist and parents, teachers and other professionals involved in your child’s development.  The best indicator whether a child has integrated the skills taught, is when they are able to independently apply the skills to home life and work in the classroom setting.