Terms and Conditions

  1. Liability
    Assessment and treatment is performed at the practice premises of the consulting occupational therapist who undertakes care of your child during the treatment period. The therapist specifically renounces any liability whatsoever for any accident or injury that your child may incur during therapy or should he /she remain on the premises after the therapy period is completed.
  2. Use of electronic devices for therapy recording
    This practice seeks to use a range of electronic recording devices for record keeping and goal setting purposes. All notes and recordings are kept in a secure folder for your child only. All videos are available for your perusal. Please notify me should you not wish any recordings being made and kept.
  3. Other Treating Professionals
    Parents are requested to give the therapist permission to contact referring or other treating professionals to monitor progress and response to therapy.
  4. Reports
    A copy of the assessment report will also be sent to your GP /Paediatrician and referring professional e.g. school. Please supply Postal Addresses. Please notify me should you not wish your report sent on.
  5. Cancellation policy
    Each appointment is regarded as a firm commitment and missed appointments will be charged for.  As the practice does not operate on a “walk in/fill in” basis like a general medical practice does, we need to be advised as soon as possible if you are unable to keep your appointment time.  A 24 hour notice period allows us to contact those on the waiting list to fill your appointment time.   Late, non-emergency cancellations will be charged a cancellation fee of $40.00 due to practice operational costs such as rent, phone, insurance, professional development and resources. This unfortunately includes cancellations due to common paediatric illnesses such as colds and viruses, as the practice strives to maintain an affordable fee structure for all our clients. We do care about you and your child and want to provide the best services possible.  We aim to improve our skills with regular professional development, have up to date assessments and materials and provide best practice to all our clients. We regret that this makes it necessary to have a strictly enforced cancellation policy. Should you wish to stop therapy, two weeks’ verbal/written notice to the therapist directly, is requested.