• As a parent myself, I am reminded daily of how unique and precious our children are and I wish to promote a relaxed environment for parents and children to have fun while addressing their needs and goals.
  • I have specialised in the following areas of therapy to help children with complex needs:
    • Bobath Neuro-developmental Therapy techniques help children with conditions such as Cerebral Palsy and Acquired Brain Injury.
    • Sensory Integration Therapy which offers excellent self regulation strategies for of children with sensory processing, sensory modulation difficulties and motor planning difficulties.  Common conditions with these difficulties include the autism spectrum, learning difficulties and concentration issues.
    • The SOS Approach to Feeding 2009 helps children with complex feeding needs with an underlying sensory issues.
  • I treat common classroom issues such as poor postural stability and lowered postural muscle tone,bilateral integration and crossing the midline issues, fine motor difficulties such as poor pencil grip, poor fine pincer grip, cutting skills, handwriting and difficulties with dressing skills such as doing buttons and tying shoelaces.
  • Other conditions commonly addressed in therapy include Visual Perceptual difficulties and Visual Motor Integration difficulties and concentration difficulties such as ADD and ADHD.
  • Behavioural Toileting programme for encopresis.
  • OT playroom offers a child and family centred approach to early childhood development through Mother and Baby stimulation classes.